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Impact During the 2017-2018 Election Cycle

Candidates interested in the endorsement and/or support of The Presidential Coalition, please call 202-503-2090 for a candidate issues questionnaire.

As of July 19, 2018, The Presidential Coalition is supporting the following candidates for the 2017-2018 election cycle.

Ed Gillespie (VA) - $10,000
Ed Gillespie (VA) - $15,000
Adam Laxalt (NV) - $5,000
Kris Kobach (KS) - $2,000
Scott Walker (WI) - $2,500
Henry McMaster (SC) - $3,500

Lt. Governor
Jill Vogel (VA) - $1,000
David Shafer (GA) - $2,500

Attorney General
John Adams (VA) - $1,000
John Adams (VA) - $2,500
Jeff Landry (LA) - $5,000

County Executive
Steve Schuh (Anne Arundel County, MD) - $1,000
Steve Schuh (Anne Arundel County, MD) - $1,000

State Senate
Mike Hough (MD) - $2,000
Mike Hough (MD) - $1,000
Ron George (MD) - $1,000
Johnny Ray Salling (MD) - $500
Christian Miele (MD) - $3,000

State Assembly
Jay Webber (NJ-26) - $2,600
Kathy Szeliga (MD) - $1,000

Jackson Miller (Prince William Clerk of Circuit Court, VA) - $500
Fund For Florida's Future - $3,000
Mike Pantelides (Annapolis, MD Mayor) - $1,500
Republican House Caucus Committee (MD) - $2,500
Republican House Caucus Committee (MD) - $3,500
Republican Senate Caucus Committee (MD) - $6,000
James Appel (Annapolis, MD City Council) - $500
Maryland Republican Party - $2,000
Maryland Republican Party - $1,000
Jessica Haire - $1,000 (Anne Arundel County, MD Council District 7)
Friends of Ron DeSantis - $10,000 (FL GOV)
Friends of Ron DeSantis - $10,000 (FL GOV)
Barry Donadio (Queen Anne’s County MD Commissioner) - $500

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