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The Presidential Coalition Supports More Maryland “Farm Team” Candidates In September

The Presidential Coalition made 14 contributions to conservative candidates in Maryland in September for a total of $16,000. Since 2005, The Presidential Coalition has been dedicated to identifying and supporting conservative candidates running for office at the state and local levels of government. Many of today’s up-and-coming grassroots conservatives will blossom into our national leaders of tomorrow. They represent the next generation, the conservative farm team, and it is critically important that they receive early support. The Presidential Coalition takes great pride in these efforts.

State Senate
Mike McDermott (MD 38) - $1,500
Steve Waugh (MD 29) - $1,000

House of Delegates
Kathy Szeliga (MD 7) - $1,000
Neil Parrott (MD 2B) - $1,000
Justin Ready (MD 5) - $1,000
John Cluster (MD 8) - $1,000
Herb McMillan (MD 30) - $1,500
Matt Morgan (MD 29A) - $1,000
Kevin Hornberger (MD 35A) - $1,500
Bob Long (MD 6) - $1,000
Carl Anderton (MD 38B) - $1,500
Deb Rey (MD 29B) - $1,000
Nic Kipke (MD 31) - $1,000
Warren Miller (MD 9A) - $1,000

The Presidential Coalition made the following contributions in Maryland earlier in the election cycle:
Michael Hough (MD 4) - $4,000
Michael Hough (MD 3B) - $2,000
Kathy Szeliga (MD 7) - $1,000
Neil Parrott (MD 2B) - $1,000
Justin Ready (MD 5) - $1,000
2014 House Victory Slate (MD) - $6,000
Steve Schuh (Anne Arundel County Executive) - $1,000
William H. Campbell (Comptroller) $1,000
Montgomery County Republican Party (MD) - $500


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