2023-2024 Presidential Coalition

Candidate Questionnaire

The Presidential Coalition, an affiliate of Citizens United, exists to educate the American public on the value of having conservative Republican leadership and policies at all levels of government.  Principled Republican Presidents have displayed the courage and wisdom necessary to guide our nation through some of our greatest and most difficult times. Their leadership has stood the test of time and makes them the ideal role models for America’s future leaders at the state and local levels of government.

I. General Information

1) Name Of Candidate/Name Of Candidate’s Campaign Committee:
2) Office Being Sought (State/District/Other):
3) Campaign Address/Campaign Website:
4) Campaign Contact Person (telephone number and email address):

II. Issues

State Your Position On The Following Issues And/Or Answer The Following Questions:

1) State your philosophy on taxes and please describe how you would ease the tax burden on your constituents, and are there any circumstances in which you would consider raising taxes?

2) State your philosophy regarding government spending and what actions you would take to reduce the size and scope of government in order to balance budgets or keep budgets in balance.

3) Do you support term limits for political officeholders?

4) State your position on the issue of abortion. 

5) Taking into account U.S. national security and economic interests, state your position on illegal immigration, sanctuary cities, border security, and the fentanyl crisis.

6) State your position on the issue of gun rights and explain your philosophy with regard to the 2nd Amendment.

7) State your positions regarding the following election integrity issues:

    • Voter ID
    • Private funding of election administration (‘Zuckbucks’)
    •  Mail-in voting
    • Ranked Choice Voting
    • Ballot Harvesting

8) State your position on the death penalty.

9) In the office you’re seeking, what can be done to better support our police?

10) State your position on Critical Race Theory (CRT) and school choice.