The Predictable (And Old) Clinton Playbook

This weekend, senior aides to former Obama Secretary of State Hillary Clinton informed a group of Democratic foreign policy experts that they want to “move past” Benghazi, and have developed a messaging strategy to close the book on the Benghazi discussion once and for all. We are reminded that with the Clintons, it’s all politics all the time.

A key part of this plan has been the hiring of Tommy Vietor to deal with any and all backlash that comes as a result of the launch of Sec. Clinton’s latest book. You may recall Tommy Vietor as the former NSC spokesman and longtime aide to President Barack Obama. But you will definitely remember him as the man who told Bret Baier, “Dude, [Bengahzi] was like, two years ago!” on Fox News Special Report a month ago.

This hire by Hillary Clinton and her team makes it clear that they are very sensitive about the ongoing Benghazi investigation, and want to use Vietor to coordinate damage control with the Obama White House. The Clinton attack machine is ramping up for sure. Phase one is to attempt to discredit the new Benghazi select committee, which started in earnest last week when former Secretary Clinton said she would likely not cooperate with the investigation because it will amount to a “political slugfest.”