Clarion Ledger: Mississippi governor’s election: A case for Tate Reeves

Throughout my lifetime, President Ronald Reagan has often served as the barometer or litmus test for any aspiring Republican. In fact, one could go through his countless quotations and philosophical musings about the role of government to describe the foundation of the Republican Party. I could even argue that most of the positions enjoy no expiration date. And while political speak has transitioned from television to Twitter, there still remains one clarifying and unifying philosophy for Reagan Republican voters to examine before supporting any candidate: Government is not the solution to the problem, government often is the problem.

So, allow me to make the case for the true Republican Gubernatorial candidate in the 2019 election — Tate Reeves.

Let’s start with healthcare. I have often said that Republicans struggle with the healthcare debate because critics argue with their heart, and Republicans argue with their head. Make no mistake about it, Medicaid Expansion is no exception. To my Republican friends who remain undecided or are on the Bill Waller wagon, think about that for a minute. In what world has a Republican identified the government as the savior for a problem?  And furthermore, if you fancy yourself a fiscal conservative, have you asked yourself “how do we pay for it?”  If not, here’s a hint: nothing is more expensive than free. And while Hood and Waller may quibble over the semantics and call it “Medicaid reform,” let’s be honest and call it what it really is — more government.

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