FOX BUSINESS: US back to ‘Jimmy Carter economic policies’ as inflation rages, David Bossie says

During his appearance on “Varney & Co.” Thursday, Citizens United President David Bossie sounded the alarm on the inflation woes plaguing Americans, arguing the country is back to “Jimmy Carter economic policies” due to Biden’s agenda.

DAVID BOSSIE: We’re going to see high, high unemployment. We’re going to see interest rates for a very long time go up. And that’s the pain that Powell was talking about, or we’re going to see this incredible recession. And I think we’re going to see a little bit of both. We’re back to Jimmy Carter economic policies.

We’re back to Jimmy Carter in numbers. And this is going to be a long time, we’re going to see this for several years to come. And if we don’t get it corrected this November, you know, with the with a policy change in the House of Representatives, we’re going to be in this for a very, very long time.