FOX NEWS: DAVID BOSSIE: 2024 Trump-Biden rematch will be an election like no other

The 2024 presidential race promises to be like no other in American history. Not only is the campaign almost certain to feature a hotly contested rematch between President Biden and former President Donald Trump, but political witch trials of Trump and impeachment proceedings against Biden will most likely be playing out simultaneously.

How the biased mainstream media covers these dueling proceedings will be a showcase in dishonesty that will result in a boomerang effect benefiting Donald Trump.

The American people fully understand what’s going on and over the past eight years have come to realize that Hunter Biden’s laptop is real, and the Trump-Russia collusion narrative was fake.

Additionally, critically important legislative fights – with major implications for the future of the country – will be taking place on a parallel track. Consequential votes will be held on Capitol Hill regarding government funding, border security and whether to send tens of billions in American tax dollars to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan for foreign aid.

Injecting presidential politics into these already contentious issues will just raise the temperature that much more. However, the debates should help Trump the challenger’s case. Biden’s focus on Ukraine instead of our own national security and open southern border is a prime example of putting America last.

The results of this all-important election will answer profound questions about the mood of our citizens and the direction of our country.

The campaign will provide voters the opportunity to debate the efficacy of Biden big government socialism versus conservative Trump American first policies and ultimately decide whether American families are better off today than four years ago.

Presidential re-election contests are by definition a referendum on the incumbent. So, the American people will get to sound off about Biden’s horrendous stewardship of the economy, the border, our education system, foreign policy – and his weaponization of government against his political adversaries.

If Biden wins, President Ronald Reagan’s vision of America as a shining city on a hill will sail into the sunset. Americans will need to prepare for a future of European-style socialism, malaise and weakness.

Tragically, another four years of Biden would come with the understanding that there are some things America won’t be able to recover from. By contrast, a Trump victory will represent nothing less than the greatest political comeback story in American history.

And if the polls are any indicator, voters believe strongly that America is on the wrong track and are open to returning to Donald Trump’s common sense America first policies.

But it’s all far from certain. The Biden Department of Justice, along with radical Democrat prosecutors in New York and Atlanta, have made the decision to junk bedrock democratic traditions and protocols by weaponizing our system of justice to defeat Donald Trump by circumventing the ballot box.

Un-American behavior like this is usually reserved for third world banana republics, but under the reign of President Biden, this has become a dangerous common occurrence.

Headlines such as “As Trump lead widens, prosecutors step up pursuit,” confirm that we’re in uncharted territory. Prosecutors aren’t supposed to look at polls or pursue politically motivated timelines to help their preferred candidate win an election, but that’s exactly what DOJ is doing as we speak.

Republicans in Congress must recognize the abomination that’s taking place and push back. If the Trump trial kicks off in Washington in March, House impeachment proceedings against Biden should start the same week.

President Biden has made the decision to destroy our constitutional republic by weaponizing government to jail his top political opponent, so Republicans have no choice but to adapt. The left is playing to win at all costs; it’s time for the GOP to get wise to this fact and engage decisively.

In addition to a very aggressive posture on impeachment, congressional Republicans need to play hardball on policy and government funding. As the laddered continuing resolution expires, Republicans must be prepared to de-fund the Departments of Homeland Security and Justice unless significant reforms are written into law.

Our country relies on a government that administers justice fairly and secures the border, period. If Congress believes that Special Counsel Jack Smith is running his prosecution based on political calendars and polling, that must no longer be funded. Similarly, if it thinks Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is purposefully allowing the invasion of our country, that shouldn’t be funded either.

The American people are demanding our government work “for the people” and will support a partial government shutdown if necessary to force the White House’s hand in order to end the Biden chaos and save lives. This is a fight well worth having this year.

David N. Bossie is president of Citizens United, a Fox News contributor, the 2016 deputy campaign manager for Donald Trump for President, and the former chief investigator for the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Government Reform and Oversight during the Clinton administration. He is the co-author with Corey Lewandowski of “Trump: America First: The President Succeeds Against All Odds,” along with “Let Trump Be Trump” and “Trump’s Enemies.”