FOX NEWS: DAVID BOSSIE: 7 Biden-Harris quotes that will come back to haunt them in midterm elections

Over the past two years, Americans have watched the Democrat Party and their allies on the left become radicalized right before their eyes.

Whether it was the Defund the Police movement, the economy-killing Green New Deal, the insane open border policy, or the brutally divisive rhetoric, time and time again President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have done the bidding of radical far left-wing forces that have a vice grip on today’s Democrats.

Now, less than three weeks before the 2022 midterm elections and with Democratic prospects for holding onto their razor-thin majorities in Congress grimmer than ever, polls are indicating that Biden, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., and their comrades on the left are about to face their day of reckoning.

When it was time to stand soberly with police, Democrats fanned the flames of chaos and the failed concept of “reimagining” policing. When it was time to rebuild our economy in a responsible manner after the COVID-19 lockdowns, Democrats spent taxpayer dollars like drunken sailors and caused an inflation crisis that now has no end in sight. And when they didn’t get their way trying to enact their socialist wish list, never forget that Democrats threatened to pack the U.S. Supreme Court with like-minded radicals.

During the Democrats’ transition to radicalization, various statements, speeches and comments were made along the way that Biden, Harris and the left are going to regret come Election Day. Here are seven of the most infamous examples that hopefully help pave the way for a convincing Democrat defeat come Nov. 8.

1. Joe Biden: “Talking inflation – the overwhelming consensus is it’s going to pop up a little bit and then go back down.”

The inflation crisis that we’re all struggling mightily with is manmade and the man’s name is Joe Biden. The president ignored all the warnings and signed into law trillions upon trillions in new federal spending when our economy was already overheating – just to appease the radical left. Now, it could take years and a devastating economic recession before we’re able to climb out of the hole that this president and the Pelosi-Schumer Congress have put us all in.

2. Kamala Harris: “For far too long the status quo thinking has been to believe that by putting more police on the street you’re going to have more safety. And that’s just wrong, that’s not how it works.”

In the wake of George Floyd’s horrible death, when riots were happening all over the country, Biden and Harris picked up the mantle of the radical left instead of calling for law and order. At a time when it was important for cooler heads to prevail, Biden supported redirecting police funding and Harris even helped bail rioters out of jail. Now, America is in the throes of a crime crisis and people don’t feel safe in their own neighborhoods. The bottom line is that police are now far less respected because of the actions of the leftist “squad” and the defund the police movement. The vast majority of Americans believe the fundamental truth that police have a dangerous job keeping us safe and that they should be thanked rather than insulted – something Harris doesn’t understand.

3. Joe Biden: “We do not ask any nation to choose between the United States or any other partner.”

At a time of great uncertainty around the world, words of moral equivalency by an American president speaking before the United Nations General Assembly are as weak as they are dangerous. Our allies as well as our enemies need to hear that what Russia is doing in Ukraine is mass murder, what China is doing to the Uyghurs is genocide, and what Iran is doing to women is barbaric. Creating a woke military while projecting weakness abroad is terrible policy and makes the world a more dangerous place.

4. Kamala Harris: “We have a secure border.”

These are the words of a career politician – our so-called “Border Czar” – who thinks everyday Americans are stupid. Ever since Biden sent pro-amnesty signals during the campaign and signed his irresponsible executive orders the moment he got into the Oval Office, the American people have been watching our wide open southern border on television. The result has been a humanitarian crisis, a national security crisis, a human trafficking crisis, and a deadly fentanyl crisis that is killing Americans at an alarming rate.

5. Joe Biden: “This is Jim Crow on steroids what they’re doing in Georgia and 40 other states.”

Biden repeated variations of this lie for months in his divisive attacks against Republican governors and legislatures that passed legislation to make it easier to vote and harder to cheat in their states’ elections. Instead of actually reading the bills, Biden repeated the left’s hate-filled talking points by comparing tens of millions Americans to segregationists. When Biden asked, “Do you want to be the side of Dr. King or George Wallace? Do you want to be on the side of John Lewis or Bull Connor?” he turned out to be way off base because voter turnout is continuing to increase across our country – even in Georgia – the target of the left’s dishonest vitriol.

6. Joe Biden: “The Justice Department in my administration will be totally independent of me.”

Since Biden took office, Attorney General Merrick Garland has ordered an unprecedented raid of the home of Biden’s possible 2024 political opponent, targeted parents who dared speak out at school board meetings about critical race theory, and refused to appoint an impartial special counsel to investigate the president’s son Hunter Biden, despite the obvious need to do so. The Biden Department of Justice is setting a horrible precedent because their actions are having a corrosive effect at all levels of government that will take decades to unwind. Look no further than the politicized investigations in New York state and Fulton County, Georgia.

7. Joe Biden: “MAGA Republicans look at America and see carnage and darkness and despair.”

“Unity is the path forward,” Biden said in his inaugural address when he pledged to bring our divided nation together. But just a year and a half later, Biden did the exact opposite when he delivered a prime time address to essentially label 74 million Americans a threat to democracy. Sadly, since taking office, Biden has repeatedly chosen to be the champion of the radical left instead of the moderate statesman he promised to be.

The radicalization of the Democrat Party has had a devastating effect on our economy, safety and security, and it’s time for a change in leadership. Never forget that when it mattered most, the Democrats caved to the radical left time and time again instead of governing responsibly for all the American people.

David N. Bossie is president of Citizens United, a Fox News contributor, the 2016 deputy campaign manager for Donald Trump for President, and the former chief investigator for the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Government Reform and Oversight during the Clinton administration. He is the co-author with Corey Lewandowski of “Trump: America First: The President Succeeds Against All Odds,” along with “Let Trump Be Trump” and “Trump’s Enemies.”