Fox News: David Bossie: Americans uniting to fight coronavirus, just as we united to fight World War II

Even in this time of bitter partisanship, Democrats and Republicans in Congress are finding common ground and joining with President Trump in a bipartisan effort to respond to the surprise attack on our health and our economy by the coronavirus pandemic.

In order to defeat the Chinese coronavirus, the American people must step up to the plate and be prepared to sacrifice as an earlier generation did in the 1940’s to defeat the scourge of Nazism and fascism. America entered World War II after Japan attacked our forces at Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941. Now we’ve been attacked by a microscopic enemy, but the threat is just as grave.

In the 1940s, members of our greatest generation put their lives on hold in order to defend a shared ideal: freedom. They rallied around the American flag by working in factories to build war supplies; they left their families; they went to battle on foreign lands and seas; and over 400,000 didn’t come home because they made the ultimate sacrifice.

It was through a strong belief in God that America persevered during those extraordinarily trying times.

The patriotism and honor of these heroic men and women gave us countless examples of American Exceptionalism. People of every nationality remain in awe of what the American people did even three-quarters of a century later.

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