Press Release:

Hurricane Harvey’s Heroes: Police, Fire, and Rescue Workers

The massive devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey in Texas is a big reminder that our nation’s police, fire, and EMS workers are American heroes. The stories of their unheralded acts of heroism are proof that American Exceptionalism is alive and well.

Throughout his campaign and during his presidency, President Donald Trump has been a steadfast and vocal supporter of these fine men and women who answer the call every day in very tough situations, both large and small. As he leads the federal response to Hurricane Harvey, President Trump fully understands the unbelievable job that our first responders are doing in Texas.

The President tweeted that “First responders have been doing heroic work. Their courage & devotion has saved countless lives – they represent the very best of America!”

He is exactly right about this and it’s fantastic that the leader of the free world recognizes it. During this crisis all will be tested and the president is showing that he has their backs – 110 percent. Dealing with a disaster of this magnitude requires an enormous amount of courage and sacrifice, but the truth is our police, fire, and rescue workers do this day in and day out.

The Presidential Coalition understands this truth and we are grateful. We’re also grateful for politicians like President Trump who stand side by side by these heroes and give them the thanks – and resources – they need and deserve to get the job done. With little fanfare, these outstanding citizens come to work every day, not knowing what lies before them. This is a huge sacrifice for them and their families.

The Presidential Coalition seeks to support state and local candidates who share this mindset. Politicians at all levels who fully support our first responders have their priorities in order.

Here are some stories documenting the heroic actions of our first responders as they handle the epic disaster that Hurricane Harvey left behind:

“Houston’s fire department said it would begin a block-by-block search of thousands of flooded homes. Assistant Fire Chief Richard Mann said the searches were to ensure ‘no people were left behind.'” (CBS News, 8/31/2017)

“Officials received 5,000 calls for help Wednesday [August 30]; 1,500 high water vehicles were dispatched to remove people out of homes or vehicles.” (CBS News, 8/31/2017)

Up to 40 people rescued Wednesday [August 30]; nearly 4,500 rescued so far (by Houston police and fire department).” (CBS News, 8/31/2017)

“The Houston Fire Department has received about 15,000 calls for assistance, a spokesperson said Wednesday evening. The fire department will begin recovery operations in certain areas and conduct door-to-door checks of accessible homes that got more than 3 feet of water, the spokesperson said.” (ABC News, 8/31/2017)

“Emergency workers and throngs of volunteers went door to door for a fifth day Wednesday, trying to rescue victims of the flood. Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo said authorities have received 60,000 to 70,000 calls for help.” (CNN, 8/31/2017)

We are inspired by these stories and know that because of our police, fire, and rescue workers, lives will be saved, families will be reunited, and Texas will come back bigger and better than ever. Our first responders need thanks and support across the board each and every day!