KRQE: Impeachment related ad blitz targets NM Congresswoman Torres Small

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – There are more than 300 days until the 2020 election, but it hasn’t stopped political groups from pouring money into an ad blitz hammering at New Mexico Congresswoman Xochitl Torres Small.

The freshman Democrat representing Southern New Mexico is being targeted by several super PACs who’ve unleashed a deluge of video advertisements. The ads are part of a multi-million dollar campaign blanketing the airwaves as an impeachment investigation continues into President Donald Trump.

“It’s almost impossible not to see these ads,” said Gabe Sanchez, a UNM political science professor and a political analyst for KRQE News 13. “Essentially, as soon as you’re elected, particularly into Congress, your re-election starts the next day.”

Three different super PACs are behind some of the most common ads airing on television now, including “America First Policies, Inc.,” “The Presidential Coalition,” and the “American Action Network.”

The advertisements each connect Torres Small with key Democratic figures like Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Chuck Schumer and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. Each of the ads also ends with a phone number to Torres Small’s office and a message opposing the impeachment investigation into President Donald Trump.

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