Sanctuary City Issue Now Front & Center In D.C. Suburbs

The illegal immigration issue in the United States and the sanctuary jurisdiction problem in particular are not going away. The recent alleged rape of a 14-year old Rockville, Maryland high school student by two illegal immigrant classmates has once again highlighted the need for common sense immigration reform to be enacted without delay.

Not since the 2015 murder of Kate Steinle in California has our disastrous sanctuary city situation been on the minds of so many Americans. Sadly, the mainstream media once again has shown that its liberal ideology is more important to them than reporting the news. Why is the media largely ignoring important stories like this? Because reporting on such news would help sway public opinion in favor of enforcing immigration laws and border security, which is against the national liberal policy position.

Most of the media has shown no ability to give President Trump any credit where credit is due. It was Donald Trump who made illegal immigration and sanctuary cities pressing national issues during his campaign for the presidency. Elitists ignored these issues but President Trump did not – and hardworking American taxpayers from the across the political spectrum rewarded him for it.

These issues relating to illegal immigration are not partisan in nature and those seeking reform are not from just one political party. It’s a coalition of Americans who believe in fairness, the rule of law, and who understand the difference between right and wrong.

To make matters worse, on the heels of the alleged rape, the Democrat dominated Maryland House of Delegates passed a bill that would make Maryland a sanctuary state. Thankfully, Governor Larry Hogan wasted no time issuing a veto threat. Voting on a bill such as this in the face of the Rockville rape allegations is a microcosm of the liberal mindset these days, which is to say unhinged and tone deaf.

The number of sanctuary jurisdictions in America is now around 300, with the left constantly pushing for more. At the end of the day, this tragic episode in Maryland further underscores our country’s dire need for immigration reform and border security. And let’s keep in mind that enforcing immigration laws that are already on the books and working to deport illegal immigrants who are criminals should not be viewed as controversial matters.

The permanent anti-President Trump campaign being run by the left and the biased media is a bad political mistake on many levels, but to ignore reality on an issue like illegal immigration and sanctuary cities makes it a dangerous position as well. Favoring policies that endanger our citizenry has no place in America.

This is why it’s important to pay attention to who you’re voting for at all levels of government. It does make a difference!