Press Release:

State and Local Elected Officials must stand against Sanctuary Cities

Is your city or county a sanctuary jurisdiction or on the verge of becoming one?

You can make a difference by carefully choosing your state and local elected officials!

Ending “sanctuary cities” is not a partisan issue. It’s a coalition of individuals who believe in the rule of law and who know the difference between right and wrong and fair and unfair.

The inflammatory issue of sanctuary cities in the United States has been a growing problem for years. Inaction by our leaders in Washington, D.C. – like with so many other issues – has made the problem worse. Thanks to President Trump the issue is now front and center and deservedly so.

There are now an estimated 300 sanctuary cities or jurisdictions in our country, with the entire state of California now threatening to become our first “sanctuary state.” So-called “sanctuary campuses” are also popping up around the country.

The bottom line is that state and local elected officials who seek to defy federal immigration laws must be held to account and voted out of office because they are jeopardizing public safety. The Presidential Coalition is looking for state and local candidates who will promise to enforce immigrations laws and publicly state their opposition to sanctuary jurisdictions of any kind.

The Presidential Coalition wants to support and grow the “conservative farm team” in America. If you’re an American who is concerned about the sanctuary city problem, find out who your local elected representatives are and where they stand. Who is your mayor? Who is your county executive? Who are your town or city council members? These offices can make consequential decisions on matters of immigration, law enforcement, and taxpayer funds.

It’s time for our elected officials and office seekers to face some tough facts.

The reason this issue has resonated with so many Americans is because it’s a simple matter of fairness and whether or not we are a nation of laws. People understand things that aren’t fair and they are asking logical questions that deserve answers. Why should taxpayer dollars be spent on benefits for illegal immigrants? Why should federal funds be sent to any city, county, or other jurisdiction that refuses to enforce federal immigration laws?

Folks also understand things that just aren’t right. Millions of people live their lives by obeying the law and taking great pride in the rule of law. When they see some laws being enforced for some and not for others, it cuts right to the heart of our system of government and what it stands for. Is justice really blind and are we truly a nation of laws?

Furthermore, a vast majority of Americans work hard and pay taxes on time. Why should their tax dollars be spent on illegal immigrants – great numbers of whom don’t pay taxes themselves?

President Trump’s executive order to defund sanctuary cities will save U.S. taxpayers billions of dollars. Jurisdictions that continue to defy federal law must be held to account. But taking action on sanctuary cities is only the beginning of the reforms that are necessary to get our illegal immigration problem under control. We must also enforce the current laws that are on the books and, of course, build a sturdy wall at our Southern border. If we don’t have borders, we don’t have a country.

If you know of a state or local candidate who is working to end sanctuary cities, please contact the Presidential Coalition today!