Press Release:

The Presidential Coalition Continues Media Campaign With New Digital Ad Running In Four States

The Presidential Coalition continues its media campaign with a five figure digital ad campaign highlighting President Trump’s tireless work ethic fighting for American workers, his pro-growth policies, and the historic economic results that have come as a result of enacting his agenda.

The new ad titled “Volunteer,” which is running in Iowa, New Hampshire, Minnesota, and Wisconsin, also thanks President Trump for donating 100 percent of his salary.

With over 6 million jobs created and a 3.5 percent unemployment rate that is a 50-year low, President Trump’s economic policies are helping all Americans.

In September, The Presidential Coalition ran a six figure television ad campaign in six states highlighting the vibrant Trump economy, which has paved the way for record employment levels across the board even though the mainstream media won’t admit it.

Watch “Volunteer”


Our President, he’s working hard every day.

Creating record jobs.

Fighting for workers.

Draining the swamp.

Year after year, our President donates 100 percent of his salary.

His reward?  Making America great.