The Presidential Coalition is proud to support Brian Kemp for Georgia Governor – a great member of the conservative farm team!

Rome News Tribune

Why I’m voting for Brian Kemp
In my last column, I wrote about the Democratic gubernatorial nominee Stacey Abrams and her “out-of-state” fundraising tactics. To my excitement, it was discovered in the latest quarterly campaign disclosure reports that our Republican nominee Brian Kemp out-raised Abrams by over $1 million. Further, 95 percent of the funds raised by Kemp came from in-state donors whereas 64 percent of his opponent’s raised funds were from outside of the state of Georgia. That’s a real eye-opener.
I received much criticism from my last article because I wrote solely about the candidate that I am not supporting without explaining to you why I’m supporting Brian Kemp for governor. That is a fair point. I constantly complain about how so many candidates spend most of their time bashing their opponents instead of speaking about their own experience, platform and plan. So, I’m going to tell you, within my word limit, why I early voted for Brian Kemp and why I hope you do as well.
I’ll start out by talking about his experience. The 2014 election cycle was the first election that I was able to vote in after turning 18. I was thrilled to cast my vote for Governor Nathan Deal and the rest of the Republicans that were running for statewide office, including Secretary of State Brian Kemp. As secretary of state, overseeing the state’s elections, corporate registrations, professional licensing and securities, Brian’s record truly speaks for itself. During his time in this office, he’s done an incredible job protecting our elections and making it easier than ever to register to vote and cast a ballot here in Georgia. Additionally, he’s lead various initiatives to streamline the Secretary of State’s office, improving “customer” experience, and has worked to make the corporate registration and professional licensing process more seamless. Brian Kemp has shown that he is a principled leader which reassures me that our state will be in good hands should he become our next governor. However, to quote Brian Kemp’s website, “the race for governor isn’t about the past. It’s about the future.”