The Presidential Coalition is proud to support these efforts: “GOP ‘Drive for 5′ seeks to end Democrats’ state Senate dominance in Maryland”

Herald Mail Media<br /><br />

ANNAPOLIS — It was only the third day of the 2018 Maryland General Assembly, but the Democratic leadership in the state Senate had been hard at work calculating votes. They wanted to override Republican Gov. Larry Hogan’s veto of a controversial bill, but wouldn’t put it on the agenda until they believed the votes were there.<br /><br />

Hogan vetoed the bill not so much because he disapproved of paid sick leave, but he thought the bill passed in 2017 was too restrictive. He’d offered his own compromise bill, but the majority party in the Legislature wasn’t interested.<br /><br />

Moderate Democrats in the Senate were particularly targeted by both sides. Republicans tried to persuade them to vote with Hogan. Other Democrats needed their votes to reach the 29 required for an override.<br /><br />

The vote already had gone against Hogan in the House of Delegates, where the Democrat-to-Republican ratio is even more lopsided. The vote there was 88 to 52 to override.<br /><br />

In the end, the Senate mustered 30 votes to meet the override requirement of three-fifths of the chamber.<br /><br />


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