The Presidential Coalition Launches New Digital Ad Campaign In Four States And Washington, D.C.

The Presidential Coalition launched a new six figure digital ad campaign today highlighting President Trump’s leadership and bold agenda in combatting the Coronavirus pandemic. 

The new ad titled “Strong Response,” will be running in New Hampshire, Pennnsylvania, Michigan, Minnesota, and Washington, DC, shines a light on the President’s decisions to stop travel from foreign countries and get an unprecedented bipartisan economic stimulus package passed for struggling Americans.

Watch “Strong Response”

Transcript: Our nation in crisis, but through the uncertainty and fear our President is a steady hand.
Bold action, strong leadership, uniting America.
From the beginning President Trump was decisive, stopping travel from foreign nations, gathering our best and brightest, slowing the spread of COVID-19.
President Trump will relaunch our economy, and fight for the American worker.
Helping a nation in need, delivering unprecedented bipartisan relief.
Thank you President Trump.
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