The Presidential Coalition Ramps Up Media Campaign On Television In Six States Plus Washington, D.C.

The Presidential Coalition’s media campaign enters its third month with a six figure television ad campaign highlighting President Trump’s pro-growth economic agenda in six states and Washington, D.C.

The six states are Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, New Hampshire, Minnesota, and North Carolina.

With over 6 million jobs created and unemployment at historically low levels, President Trump’s economic policies are helping all Americans.

We are a nation of doers and good things are happening in America thanks to President Trump!

“Nation Of Doers” (:30)

We are a nation of doers
People who work hard and make things happen
Our President keeping his promise
And clearing the way for Americans to succeed
More money in our pockets, more jobs
Not just for some Americans, for all Americans
The economy has roared back to life
And this nation of doers is back to work
Mainstream media won’t admit it
But America is moving forward
Rebuilding and restoring our greatness again

Sponsored By The Presidential Coalition

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