Press Release:

The Presidential Coalition Spends Heavy In Virginia

Press Contact: Jeff Marschner 202.503.2090

The Presidential Coalition, an affiliate of Citizens United, had a very active quarter in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Today the Presidential Coalition is announcing that it contributed $47,500 to candidates across Virginia for the reporting period. The Presidential Coalition has made direct contributions totaling to date $62,250 in Virginia for the entire 2011 election cycle.

“President Obama’s reelection campaign will be looking at what happens in the important 2011 Virginia elections for 2012 guidance,” said David N. Bossie, President of Citizens United. “If Virginia continues to trend red, President Obama’s reelection campaign will have a tough road to climb on election night. By focusing on Virginia, the Presidential Coalition will help shape the battlefield for 2012.

“The Presidential Coalition is focusing on two important Virginia races in the 2011 cycle. District 9 Delegate Charles Poindexter against Democrat Minority Leader Ward Armstrong will be an important race that arose from redistricting, and will have great implications for 2012. The other race is District 34 Delegate Barbara Comstock’s reelection campaign. This inside-the-beltway District will be a bellwether for 2012. Delegate Comstock has represented her constituents well in Richmond, and if she is able to win reelection that will send a signal to Chicago that Virginia’s vote for President Obama in 2008 was an anomaly.”


Attorney General

Ken Cuccinelli – $10,000

State Senate

John Stirrup (VA 13) – $10,000

Adam Light (VA 38) – $5,000

Caren Merrick (VA 31) – $2.500

Bill Stanley (VA 20) – $2,500

Bryce Reeves (VA 17) – $2,500



Barbara Comstock (VA 34) – $10,000

Charles Poindexter (VA 9) – $3,000


Algonkian District Supervisor

Suzanne Volpe – $2,000