Press Release:

The Presidential Coalition Supporting Conservative Ken Cuccinelli For Virginia Governor

The Presidential Coalition, an affiliate of Citizens United, is supporting Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli for Governor of Virginia. The Presidential Coalition has contributed $50,000 to the campaign and will take on an active role as the race progresses this year. The Presidential Coalition has been a long-time supporter of Ken Cuccinelli.

“Terry McAuliffe is far too out of the mainstream with his liberal agenda for the Commonwealth of Virginia,” said David N. Bossie, President of Citizens United. “Terry’s checkered past as a Democrat fundraiser during the scandal plagued Clinton years will only turnoff Virginia voters this November.

“Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli will build on the commonsense policies of Governor Bob McDonnell and continue Virginia on a path towards increased prosperity. During his term as Attorney General, Ken Cuccinelli has been a leading advocate for small businesses and has fought the overreach of the Obama Administration when it comes to the government takeover of health care. Virginians needs a governor who will lead by their own virtue not what the Democrat establishment in Washington tells them to do.”