TPC Launches Digital Ad “Tell The Truth”

The Presidential Coalition launched a new digital ad entitled “Tell The Truth.” The video highlights the destructive and divisive Critical Race Theory that is being taught in classrooms around the country and why the voices of concerned parents should be heard.


“Critical Race Theory.”

“Obviously the actions of the school board and the school administration have lit this fire, but also I call them the army of moms.”

“This is just the beginning of parents voices being heard in their children’s education.”

“Parents have been sort of gaslit into this lie that CRT does not exist.”

“I think public schools would be better if adults didn’t show up.”

“I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.”

“It’s not in the curriculum.”

“Parents and the public understand what’s going on.”

“It is CRT and it is at its core level Marxism.”

Text: Listen To Parents Say No To Critical Race Theory

Sponsored by The Presidential Coalition