TPC Launches New Ad “Stand With Heroic Police”

Today, The Presidential Coalition launched a new digital ad entitled “Stand With Heroic Police.” The ad will run on Facebook from September 9 to September 13.


“It was another violent weekend in this country.”

Text: Crime Wave In America

“Yet another ugly spike in violent crime in DC.”

“Murders and other violent crimes rose sharply.”

“Another violent weekend in Atlanta.”

Text: As The Left’s Defund Police Movement Continues

Cori Bush: “Defunding the police has to happen”

Kamala Harris: “Reimagining how we do public safety in America, which I support”

“We agree that we can redirect some of the funding”

Joe Biden: “Yes”

Text: Emboldening Criminals

“The suspect was already arrested twice this year and released twice this year.”

“Over 200 children have already been shot in Chicago this year alone.”

Text: Our Police Are Heroes

“Officer Vogel is being hailed as a hero.”

“Any police officer would have done the exact same thing.”

Text: Stand With Police. Stand For Law & Order.

Sponsored By The Presidential Coalition

Watch The Ad: