Press Release:

TPC Launches New Digital Ad: “Fight COVID-Secure The Border.”

August 26, 2021

Today, The Presidential Coalition launched a new digital ad entitled “Fight COVID-Secure The Border.”  The ad will run on Facebook from August 26 to September 3.


Text: Americans Are Told To Sacrifice Their Liberties

“The largest school districts now say that students and teachers must wear masks.”

“New York’s vaccination requirement for indoor dining has gone into effect at restaurants across the city.”

“Proof of vaccinations to get into concerts, sporting events or even travel.”

Text:  While The Border Remains Wide Open

“As this border surge showing absolutely no signs of slowing down.”

Senator Ted Cruz: “Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have released over 7,000 illegal immigrants who were COVID positive.”

Governor Ron DeSantis:  “Why don’t you do your job. Why don’t you get this border secure. And until you do that I don’t want to hear a blip about COVID from you.”

Text: Fight COVID.  Secure The Border.

Sponsored By The Presidential Coalition

Watch The Ad Here: