Press Release:

TPC Launches New Digital Ad “Unintended Consequences”

The Presidential Coalition launched a new digital ad entitled “Unintended Consequences.” The ad covers the disastrous consequences of President Biden’s unconstitutional vaccine mandate and encourages state Attorneys General to fight the mandate and any future vaccine mandates.


Text: The Disastrous Consequences Of Biden’s Vaccine Mandates

“Court of Appeals yesterday blocked the mandate citing grave and statutory and constitutional issues.”

“Standoff will lead to a police staffing shortage in a city battling to curve violence”

“American Airlines is just the latest to warn employees, get the vaccine or get fired”

“And it now turns out, could cause holiday chaos”

“Many hospitals are bracing for staff shortages, if they have to lay off workers”

“The coalition of Attorney Generals sent a letter to President Biden today warning that legal action will follow”

“Will the administration be extending the mandate to smaller employers?

“Certainly nothing is off the table.”


Text: Tell Your State Attorney General To Fight Biden’s Unconstitutional Vaccine Mandates

Disclaimer: Sponsored by The Presidential Coalition


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