WashTimes: Bossie: Democrats are going to get a shellacking in 2022

They have no message, no accomplishments

Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney chose to raise awareness recently about the most obvious thing in Washington: The Democrat’s control of the U.S. House of Representatives is in serious jeopardy. Politico’s story “House Dem campaign chief warns the majority at risk without message reboot” amplified Mr. Maloney’s cry for help but made it clear that Democrats are in serious denial about the dire situation they’ve created for themselves.

Not only is history working against them – a new President’s party almost always loses seats in Congress in their first midterm election – but Democrats have the smallest majority in 100 years and can only afford to lose four seats to cling to their majority. Because of the left’s radical agenda, it may turn out that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi can’t plug enough holes in the dam to stop sizable Republican gains in 2022. Even though House Republicans picked up seats in 2020, many more competitive districts out there are ripe for the taking.

The truth is that the problem for congressional Democrats extends far beyond a simple messaging tweak. Just because the liberal media won’t cover the radical left’s dysfunction with the urgency and honesty it deserves doesn’t mean the American people don’t see what’s going on. It’s no secret that the first six months of Democrat control of the White House and both houses of Congress has been an unmitigated disaster. Back in January when Joe Biden was inaugurated, no one could have predicted the left would botch it quite this badly.

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