DAILY CALLER: DAVID BOSSIE: Debates Between Biden And Trump Should Start Now—And There Should Be More Of Them Than Before

Former President Donald Trump, the ultimate political outsider, is running for re-election to rescue America from the failed policies of President Joe Biden and to drain the swamp in Washington, D.C.  But Trump’s courageous efforts to take on the broken status quo that is wrecking our country extend beyond Crooked Joe, a dysfunctional Congress, and the vast unelected bureaucracy.

This week Donald Trump rightly called out the archaic Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) by demanding they upgrade their biased and failed system or fade into meaningless obscurity.

Trump’s ideas for reform are anchored in common sense and that’s exactly why Joe Biden and the Washington establishment won’t like them.

First and foremost, former President Trump is calling for presidential debates to start much sooner and he’s 100 percent right about this. Sadly, gone are the days when all Americans went to the polls and voted on Election Day.  Now we have election months, where in some states ballots are mailed out a full 60 days before Election Day on November 5th. So, to Trump’s point, starting debates after millions of folks have already cast their ballots literally makes zero sense.

As chairman of the RNC’s Committee on Presidential Debates, I believe that it’s critically important for Americans to be fully educated about the candidates as much as possible before exercising their right to vote.  This means that not only should debates start earlier in the election season – how about tomorrow – there should be far more of them.  Everyone realizes that the CPD’s minimalist approach is simply an insider’s strategy to protect entrenched incumbent politicians like Joe Biden.  In the world’s greatest democracy, we must do better than three presidential debates and just one vice presidential debate.

Americans’ trust in government is at an all-time low and Joe Biden’s opaque administration has only made things worse. Our country is at a crossroads and 2024 is the most important election we’ve had in a very long time. This calls for more transparency and more access to the candidates who are seeking the most powerful office in the world. Coming on the heels of the 2020 election that was conducted during the fog of the COVID-19 pandemic, when one of the candidates was allowed to hide in his basement in Delaware instead of being on the campaign trail answering tough questions, the American people are expecting more substance this time around.

That brings us to the cover-up that’s currently in progress.  President Biden is an 81-year-old, rapidly fading career politician who is in full cognitive decline and no longer capable of discharging the massive duties of the presidency. And for three plus years, the president’s political allies in the Trump-hating mainstream media have been protecting the geriatric incumbent from harming himself politically at every turn. For the sake of the country, this must stop.

Let’s face it, the dishonest strategy isn’t working anyway.  Despite the lack of press conferences, the scripted events, the cue cards, the teleprompters, the softball questions, and a press corps devoid of investigate reporters willing to hold the lawless White House accountable, Joe Biden’s job approvals rating hovers at about 40 percent – on a good day.

The bottom line is that it’s time for Joe Biden to come out of the basement to face Donald Trump and the voters he has so little time for.  He’s asking for four more years despite the fact that he’s obviously unfit for the job.  If he’s still up to the task as he insists, he ought to take Trump up on his offer to debate “anytime, anywhere, anyplace.” The American people are hungry for solutions because they see their beloved country in crisis after crisis due to the failed Biden agenda and they want to hear from the candidates in detail.

Inflation is crushing hardworking families; the open border has spiraled into a full-blown national security emergency; and the world is on fire due to Putin’s war in Ukraine, Iranian-sponsored terrorism, an unchecked China, and Joe Biden’s weak foreign policy. The time is now for Biden and Trump to agree to an aggressive debate schedule that suits the occasion at this all-important moment in our nation’s history so they can lay out their agendas and contrast their visions for the future.

The American people deserve as much from the candidates asking for their scared votes. A failure to debate by President Biden is a threat to democracy.

David Bossie is the president of Citizens United and served as a senior adviser to the Trump-Pence 2020 campaign. In 2016, Bossie served as deputy campaign manager for Donald J. Trump for President and deputy executive director for the Trump-Pence Transition Team.