Press Release:

TPC Announces Support of New State & Local Candidates

Todd Rokita – Attorney General of Indiana

The Presidential Coalition is proud to endorse and contribute $2,500 to Todd Rokita’s campaign for re-election as Attorney General of Indiana. For the past four years as Attorney General, Todd Rokita has upheld the rule of law and fought for election integrity for the citizens of Indiana. Rokita has defended Indiana tirelessly from the dangerous unconstitutional overreach of the abusive Biden Administration. TPC also supported AG Rokita in his 2020 campaign for Attorney General because we knew Todd Rokita is a patriot who cares deeply about our country and would always fight for the principles enshrined in the U.S. Constitution that we all hold dear.

Dave Sunday – Attorney General of Pennsylvania

The Presidential Coalition is proud to support Dave Sunday’s campaign for Attorney General of Pennsylvania with a $5,000 contribution. Sunday is a principled conservative leader who will always fight for the principles enshrined in the U.S. Constitution. As York County District Attorney, Sunday always backed our brave police officers, enforced the rule of law and worked tirelessly to protect York County residents from the Biden-Mayorkas Fentanyl crisis. Dave Sunday understands that Joe Biden’s open border policies allowing unvetted illegal immigrants to pour into the country threatens our national security and must be stopped. Pennsylvania deserves an Attorney General who isn’t just a rubberstamp for the defund police movement and pro-crime policies being pushed by Joe Biden and the radical left.

Danielle Hornberger – Executive of Cecil County, Maryland

The Presidential Coalition has contributed an additional $500 to Danielle Hornberger’s re-election campaign as Executive of Cecil County, Maryland. TPC endorsed and contributed $500 to Hornberger’s campaign in January. County Executive Hornberger is a principled conservative and champion for hard-working Cecil County residents. She has incentivized job creation, cut taxes year after year and has rejected Gov. Wes Moore’s woke radical left-wing education agenda. The Presidential Coalition proudly supported Hornberger in her 2020 campaign for County Executive as well.

Bethany Mandel – Montgomery County (MD) Board of Education

The Presidential Coalition is proud to endorse and contribute $1,000 to Bethany Mandel’s campaign for Montgomery County Board of Education in Maryland. Mandel will always stand on the side of academic achievement, not radical left-wing woke ideologically. Bethany Mandel supports common-sense education reforms such as parent’s rights, responsible budgets, and school choice. Bethany Mandel will work hard day in and day out to ensure that Montgomery County schools can confront the broken status quo and provide the education that parents and students deserve.