Press Release:

The Presidential Coalition Launches Over $300,000 Effort In Wisconsin’s 14th Senate District

The Presidential Coalition LLC, an affiliate of Citizens United, announced a $300,000 education campaign which will run in Wisconsin’s 14th Senate District. The campaign consists of a $270,000 television ad buy in the Green Bay and Madison media markets. The Presidential Coalition is also conducting polling and running automated calls in the District. The television advertisement starts today and will run through August 8th.

Title: “Wisconsin Teachers – Luther Olsen” TV (:30)

Should we be able to replace bad teachers despite tenure?

State Senator Luther Olsen says, yes.

Should we pay teachers based on merit, raising their pay as student test scores improve?

Luther Olsen says, yes.

And if layoffs are needed, should we keep our best teachers – regardless of seniority?

Luther Olsen says, yes.

State Senator Olsen says the unions should bargain collectively over wages, but it’s up to parents, teachers, and educators to run our schools.