WashTimes: Election time in Virginia: McAuliffe fails to gain momentum, inspire

Terry McAuliffe has an enthusiasm problem because his unhinged socialist base knows he’s not a radical, but he’s sure campaigning as one.

For months, Republicans, independents and conservative Democrats in Virginia have watched Mr. McAuliffe falsely label critical race theory a conspiracy and tell parents they shouldn’t be involved with their children’s schooling. They’ve grown outraged by his elitist tone. An organic coalition of moms and dads has formed to fight the divisive curriculum that’s poisoning our schools, and Mr. McAuliffe is on the wrong side of history. This is not where the former governor expected to be just days before Election Day 2021.

Radical Democrats in Virginia made no secret that they would have preferred one of their own as their next governor and fully understand that Mr. McAuliffe is an old Clinton retread who’s now just pandering for their votes. In fact, about 38 percent of Democrat primary voters in Virginia voted against nominating Mr. McAuliffe for another term.

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