WashTimes: Liberal reporter asks McAuliffe a truly amazing question

With just days to go before the gubernatorial election in Virginia, a national mainstream media outlet reporter asked Democrat Terry McAuliffe a surprising question.

During an interview at a campaign stop, Jonathan Karl said to Mr. McAuliffe: “We’ve got [failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate] Stacey Abrams in here, two visits by the president, a visit by the Former President Obama, a visit by the first lady, a visit by the vice president. Why all the — why do you need all the help?”

“Well,” Mr. McAuliffe said, “We did this last time. I mean, we did the same thing in ’13. I mean, we always bring them in. This is what — this is the biggest race in America. Who doesn’t want to be here?”

It was a telling question.

Mr. McAuliffe suddenly finds himself locked in a tight race just six days before Election Day. A new poll released this week shows Republican Glenn Youngkin taking the lead for the first time in the race, edging out McAuliffe 43% to 41% with 11% of respondents still undecided, according to the survey for the conservative Presidential Coalition.

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